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Do you have pain that affects your life or limits you in daily tasks, at work or doing sport or exercise? Would you like to feel like yourself again or no longer be limited by pain?

My philosophy is about helping you get better quicker so that you can overcome pain and be independent of endless treatment. I help people to recover from pain and injury including those affected by persistent or chronic pain.

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  • “Think of me as a temporary crutch rather than a walking stick for life.”

    Carry Triggs Hodge

Who I Can Help

I regularly help patients in my London clinics who have pain due to a variety of causes and conditions:

  • Persistent or chronic pain (non malignant)
  • Pain that hasn’t responded to surgery, injections or other interventions
  • Pain that has no obvious cause according to scans or tests
  • Neck and back pain, including disc problems
  • Pain due to degeneration
  • Sciatica
  • Joint problems (foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder)
  • Pre and post-operative care for musculoskeletal surgery
  • Soft tissue problems (ligament, muscle, tendon)
  • Problems associated with arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related pain (desk jobs, repetitive strain, manual roles)

Lasting Results

Treatment is collaborative, strategic and multifactorial: a 360 degree approach involving in depth whole-body biomechanics (human movement and function), addressing behaviour, motivation, and education, combined with hands on methods. It’s individualised process based on your needs and goals.

Designed to resolve symptoms and facilitate lasting change, it is powerful in finding root causes and maintaining factors of musculo-skeletal issues.

It is 10 times more powerful when you understand what we are doing and why, and that your actions are an important component of finding sustainable body health. This is critical in resolving chronic problems and avoiding old-age disability.

I use the principles of movement and biomechanics to look at how the body functions, to find out where it is struggling and how that is causing pain. Analysing how the body responds to gravity, mass and momentum (for example, while walking, running, jumping, or in any activity you might perform which provokes symptoms, even if that’s sitting at your desk or making a cup of tea) provides a wealth of information and helps us create powerful strategies to get you out of trouble, so that you can live pain free and understand how to maintain that yourself through bespoke strategies and exercises, which you can use afterwards and into the future if necessary.

I also work with a fantastic network of healthcare experts to ensure you are getting the right specialist help, this includes surgeons, sports medicine doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, podiatrists, yoga therapists and pilates instructors.

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