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Amanda Canning - Travel Writer

Amanda Canning – Travel Writer

I’ve had a long-standing back problem that has given me limited mobility and a great deal of pain for a number of years. After trying various avenues of treatment via my GP, none of which made any difference, his final recommendation was to prescribe painkillers, so I’d pretty much lost hope I’d see any improvement when I started seeing Carry. My situation has completely transformed since then. Her approach is to treat the body as a whole rather than simply focus on the specific problem area, and this seems to have worked wonders with me where other treatments have failed. The pain in my lower back is greatly reduced and I’ve got a much wider range of movement. Properly life-changing!
Victoria Stark CBE - Retired CEO

Victoria Stark CBE – Retired CEO

I consulted Carry as an emergency in the weeks running up to hip replacement surgery in June 2016. My immediate presenting problem was a frozen and very painful shoulder. Carry saw me straight away, solved the immediate problem and gave me exercises to prevent recurrence… she then worked with me over the weeks leading up to surgery to prepare me to get through it and recover successfully. Her proactive, recovery based approach was immensely positive… at a time when I was physically and psychologically at a low ebb and in a lot of pain. She treated me very much as a whole person, not a failing body, kept in touch post op and contributed to the success of my hip replacement and recovery.
Catherine Annis - Yoga teacher

Catherine Annis – Yoga teacher

Carry has been really helpful and supportive. She is thorough and creative, and takes time to treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. I continue to find her comments and suggestions beneficial, one year on. If you’re looking for a proactive and intelligent therapist to help you find practical ways to work with your body, then don’t hesitate to consult Carry.
Ania Walisiewicz - Dentist

Ania Walisiewicz – Dentist

I have a long standing work related back pain which resists treatment! Carry, took time to listen to my complaints and to examine in detail. She then devised a series of specific exercises to counter my work posture, and loosened stiff muscles with movement. The ball is now in my court – after only 2 weeks of following the regime, my pain is greatly reduced and movement range improved. I am looking forward to my next appointment with the optimism I had nearly given up on. This is a great method that puts the understanding to a healthy body back in your control. Highly recommended in particular for those that hate being “cracked” or for whom that method doesn’t show sustainable results. I can’t thank you enough!
Charlie Field Testimonial

Charlie Field – Actor

I went to Carry to improve my posture and flexibility. The techniques and assessment she gave me were incredibly helpful. I can’t recommend her enough.
Rahul Joshi - Founder of www.theappgeeks.com

Rahul Joshi – Founder of www.theappgeeks.com

I had experienced neck pain, upper and lower back pain for over a year which at times was so severe that I couldn’t sleep. Working for long periods of time became very painful, but with running my own business I had to work long hours. This only made matter worse. I went to see many different people including physiotherapists, chiropractors, Thai massage therapists and an acupuncturist, and spent hundreds of pounds but none of if helped. I had resigned myself to living with the pain on an ongoing basis. On my first appointment Carry explained to me exactly what the problem was, why it was happening, and how it could be fixed. None of the other people I went to see ever did this! She gave me specific exercises to follow after the treatment, which I could feel making a difference from the very start. I noticed a real improvement and I’ve not experienced any of the old pain. For the first time in over a year I feel that the pain is finally over and I can go back to living a normal life again. Thank you Carry!
Renata - Clinic Manager

Renata – Clinic Manager

I went to see Carry for different issues in different occasions, after having treatments and following the exercises she advised I was pain free! She is very attentive and thorough in her assessment. Thank you so much!
Carly Webb Testimonial

Carly Webb – Counsellor

I contacted CTH Healthcare after developing lower back pain that was affecting my day-to-day life and stopping me from exercising. Carry genuinely wanted to help and took the time to fully understand what was going on in my body, to establish the cause of the pain. She explained to me what had happened and showed me a series of exercises I could do, going forward, to alleviate the pain and to prevent it from reoccurring. I followed her instructions and was back to playing sports within a week, and finally able to stop taking painkillers. Carry contacted me again after a week to check on my progress – she really does care and want to help as quickly as possible. it took just one appointment to get me back to normal – thank you!
Rebekah Hay Brown Testimonial

Rebekah Hay-Brown – Yoga Therapist

I really appreciate Carry’s holistic approach to healthcare. Rather than treating solely the symptoms someone might present on the day, she offers specifically-tailored exercises and advice to support individuals in their own self-care and healing at home. I have very much benefited from her treatments and widely recommend her.
Jo Marshall - Teacher

Jo Marshall – Teacher

Touch wood, my back is fixed thanks to the exercises you gave me to do. This is the longest period of time I have been so straight. Thank you 🙂
Jennifer O’Boyle - Translator

Jennifer O’Boyle – Translator

I saw Carry due to long standing problems with my back that were being exacerbated by sport (rowing). She took a holistic approach to identify and treat the source(s) of my issues and also advised how I can help myself both when practising sport and with additional exercises to do in my own time to support and strengthen my back in day to day life. I have since been able to progress with my rowing and am largely pain free. I can recommend CTH Healthcare without hesitation.
Anne Gruenewaelder - Ecommerce Marketing

Anne Gruenewaelder – Ecommerce Marketing

I cannot praise my practitioner Carry highly enough… Carry is very patient, motivated and highly skilled. She not only helped relieve my back pain during the sessions but provided me with bespoke training exercises to take care of my back in the long run through stretching and strengthening work-outs. Her treatment and the different exercises provided are helping me immensely. Thank you so much!
Greg Snell

Greg Snell

Carry has an approach that is quite different to any previous treatment I have received and I am very pleased to say it is one that has worked really well for me. My long standing ailment now feels very much under-control – something for which I am very thankful. If you are struggling with an injury, I highly recommend Carry and suggest you get in touch.
Maria Hammargren

Maria Hammargren

I started to see Carry after having problems with my back post delivery. After seeing a neurosurgeon and having a few MRI scans (which showed nothing), after ten or so sessions my physiotherapist recommended her after no change in my back pain (that came on during the morning hours).

Carry had quite a different approach where we actually spent the majority of the time together talking (I had three sessions). I felt that she really listened to my concerns, my worry and let me describe my problems in detail. We talked a lot about what pain is, how to manage it and why pain occurs. Understanding how the nervous system works and why my system went into ‘high alert’ helped me understand my pain and also accept it. Once I was no longer scared of the pain, I felt that it was much easier to deal with especially with the strategies that Carry taught me. After understanding how to break the cycle of pain my level of anxiousness was reduced and so was the pain. I’m now able to sleep through the night.

I do recommend anyone with unexplained pain to see Carry as for me it was the only thing that helped!

Beth Jones

Beth Jones

Carry, I hope you are well! I’ve been meaning to message to say how grateful I am for the advice you have given me. I’m 5 weeks into marathon training and have had no issues so far which is a miracle for me, considering my previous injuries and the mileage I’ve been clocking up! I did a 25km run last weekend and only felt muscle soreness! I’m so thankful for your advice… I’ve never gone this long without an old injury playing up or doing something new to myself!


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