There are 206 bones and over 230 moveable and semi-moveable joints in an adult body.

Movement in joints is essential for absorbing shock every time you take a step. It also enables good muscle function which we need for voluntary movement.

Put simply, muscles need to lengthen and shorten to be most effective. If a joint is restricted the muscles that cross that joint won’t be as powerful or efficient. This in turn has a knock on effect on the complex bio-mechnical chain(s) that happen throughout the body when we walk, run, jump, etc.

For example, a restricted foot from a 10 year old ankle sprain may be painless, but it can have a silent impact on the knee-hip-back-shoulder-neck. You might not know know about it until you start getting pain in one or more of those other areas “for no apparent reason”, or you acquire an injury that then doesn’t seem to resolve.

Looking locally and globally when there are problems with the musculo-skeletal system is often essential to resolving the problem.

Hands-on treatment using specific movement strategies, followed up with home movement programmes can have a profound impact on how the body works and resolving painful symptoms.


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