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How to Avoid Old-Age Disability (this isn’t aimed at old people!)

Research demonstrates that disease and disability are not an inevitable part of ageing and it is thought that genetics account for about 35 percent of lifespan. So modifiable environmental factors contribute more: that means you actually hold much of the power in determining your fate in later years.


If you are not ‘old’ yet, and want a good healthy active future, or you already feel older than your actual years, TAKE NOTE: it isn’t difficult to give yourself pretty good odds of old age without disability.

It’s all about movement habits.

An ingrained habit is second nature, you don’t have to think about it because it it’s how you naturally live.

Willpower is needed before a behaviour is habit. You have to consciously and consistently direct yourself to do it, it feels alien to some degree. You could argue that when something is already a habit, it feels alien to not do, because you are used to it.

Someone who is used to doing exercise/movement/activity regularly, will feel the difference if they suddenly stop. Someone who is sedentary might find it hard to be regularly active – but only initially, before their body becomes conditioned to it.

The good news is that when you’ve modified your routine, at some point it becomes second nature. And this will happen quicker and more easily if you do something you enjoy because it gives you endorphins: the happy hormones. That kind of reward is a great motivator.

TIP 1. LITTLE AND OFTEN to start with at least. And then build. Remember consistency, consistency, consistency!

TIP 2. DIVERSIFY. Try different things. Keep an open mind – you might surprise yourself, and the mind-body loves variety.

TIP 3. PUSH YOURSELF A LITTLE BIT. Get used to doing a bit more each time. All progress takes place outside your comfort zone. Get used to dipping outside your comfort zone and you’ll reap the rewards.

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