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Do you have ongoing pain? Do you have 5 minutes?

It’s Time to Rethink Persistent Pain

How we think about pain is really important – there’s a reason that chronic pain has become a huge burden on the NHS, and it’s not that people are more ‘broken’ than they used to be.

Here’s a quick video from Lorimer Moseley, a well known neuroscientist who has done a lot to progress our understanding of pain and how we can help to overcome and resolve it. If you have ongoing pain and would like to understand it a bit better, it’s well worth taking five minutes to watch this:

All pain sensitises our system to some degree so that we can protect ourselves when we need to. But it also means we actually get better and better at producing pain even when there’s nothing very sinister going on, it can become a protective mechanism that’s OVER protective; well-meaning but not that useful, and it can be utterly debilitating.

The good news is, thanks to folk like Lorimer, we are getting better and better at helping people overcome this type of problem with really effective approaches that can change pain, even if it’s been around for years.

If you are seeking help for ongoing pain, do your research and find a clinician who comes recommended, and have a think about asking them the following questions to make sure they know their stuff and are up to date with the latest research:

1) Is my system being over-protective, and how do I know that’s what’s happening?

2) What can I do to retrain my system, if it’s being over protective?

3) Am I safe to move?

Clinicians have very good ways of finding out if pain is the result of something dangerous, and should be able to help you understand that your pain doesn’t necessarily mean danger or tissue damage, that you’re not broken or ‘out of place’, that our bodies are really incredible at adapting and we can use this knowledge to improve and overcome persistent pain.

Additional Support

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